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Sarah � Physiotherapist
These guys were great, I got in touch and told them when I planned to arrive, they reviewed my case and discussed my main interest and experience. My consultant explained the opportunities available and we agreed which would best suit me. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience of working in New Zealand and would recommend these guys to anyone wanting to relocate here.

Dougie & Donna � Quantity Surveyor
We had planned on moving to New Zealand from an advertisement seen in a local paper in Scotland, UK. We contacted these guys and took it from there. From there on I had direct dealings and because of there expertise and experience moved to the South Island. Working in conjunction with these guys we secured our work permits and arrived in Christchurch where we met the team. We then received our residency permits a few months after arriving. We would not be here now without there help. Through their help, intervention, prompting and persistence this has ensured a successful outcome for us both. We would thoroughly and without hesitation recommend them for the professional and capable manner they undertook our case, which ensured a successful outcome for us. Moving to New Zealand to start a new life adventure has been the best decision we made and using the team helped make the process easier. We are both grateful for everything that they have done for us.

Garry & Angie � Carpenter/Joiner
We first met the team when myself and family wanted to emigrate to beautiful New Zealand, they had a very big hand in locating me to New Zealand, they also arranged our first nights accommodation, securing us a rented home, had us met at Christchurch Airport. They then had us transported from Christchurch, straight to our rented home. For the first few months we had regular visits to check that we were all Ok and settling in, they were always there for us, and we were in no doubts that we could turn to them at any time, and they would do what they could to help us. We have been here now for fourteen months, and work and family life are fantastic, it was the best decision that I have ever made. The team are very had working, but I can tell you sincerely, that even on their most busiest days, they will always find the time to visit or ring you, they never let us down, we are all so very grateful to them. We would recommend these guys to anyone who wishes to emigrate to New Zealand, it�s a big decision to make, to uproots and leave you homeland, but thanks to these guys it turned out to be the right and successful decision for us.

Cord � Dairy Farmer
I am a diary farm owner from the northern part of Germany. I decided I wanted to completely change my life and become a herd or farm manager. I looked at New Zealand which is a good opportunity for that due to the large size of their herds. I met these guys in Berlin and asked them about how it all works and they advised me to come and see. I visited New Zealand in January and met the team who organised and helped me to decide where I would best fit. I returned home and sold my cows and machinery and leased out my farm and buildings. My partner and I packed up our belongings and our dog and come to New Zealand and even though it is hard to leave your friends and family behind and you have to practise your English, as no-one here speaks German, it�s a good move and I would do the same again.

Will � Engineer
In February 2005 while contemplating emigrating to New Zealand, I got in touch with some companies including these guys. They were the only ones who bothered to get in touch with me before a visit to New Zealand prospecting jobs, houses and schools. While on my visit in March 2005, I met these guys and discussed options. During the following 10 months, these guys kept in touch with me as to my progress and my proposed move to New Zealand. Upon arriving here in January 2006, I have found all of there staff very approachable with a friendly but business attitude who look to find you the right options to suit you, which will help you settle in to you new environment easier.

Roy � Construction Manager
I was recommended to these guys and I forwarded my relevant information. I discussed with their consultant what I was looking for and arranged a holiday to visit. They met with me while in New Zealand and matched my preferences. I recommend these guys to anyone looking to emigrate to New Zealand. It was great to have the personal contact. They were honest and there realistic approach which is what you need, as it was quite a daunting task moving to the other side of the world.

Harry � Construction
I met these guys at an expo in Bann, Germany in October last year. We discussed my preferences in New Zealand. After a brief conversation about my situation, qualifications and experience, I received a call from them soon afterwards. I provided more details, and with there cooperation and assistance the process was extremely easy, and with in a short time I was visiting New Zealand. I have now been working 6 months in New Zealand, and with there help am well on the way to getting residency. I thoroughly enjoy living, and working in New Zealand. I have a great job and am getting used to watching rugby. I have these guys to thank for making it a much easier, and more enjoyable experience.

Colin & Sharon � Army
We first registered with these guys at the Birmingham NZ Expo late 2006. These guys were the only company that kept in touch from one month before our arrival, through to our departure, we were in regular contact with them. Having just completed 22 years in the British Army, we were no strangers to living abroad, except on this occasion we were moving to the other side of the world. These guys eased any worries we may have had, they not only helped us they became our friend helping us out at every opportunity. In fact, if it wasn�t for them we wouldn�t have found our ideal hose after just three days of arriving. New Zealand, so far, is exactly how we thought it would be and our new life adventure has only just began. Sincere thanks to the team for their commitment, help and continued support, we continue to be very grateful for everything.

Adrian & Tracey � Accountant
I first met the team at a seminar in Derby (of all places) on a cold, wet night in October 2006, where he offered to help. Since then, the team have kept in touch regularly and worked really hard to make our goals believable. They were a great help when we visited New Zealand and eventually when we arrived in getting my temporary work visa the day after I had accepted a job. I have been most impressed by the positive attitude shown by the team to my situation, no matter how difficult things have appeared, they always convinced me to stay positive. These guys have done a brilliant job to find so many potential opportunities for us and I am convinced that we will be very happy here.

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