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About Us

The ITNZ team is made of New Zealanders and migrants who have been through the process and have had there own experiences. Matt and Tracey Jones along with their team know the challenges that migrants face because some of them have been through the process themselves, and are there to offer relocation advice.

With years of recruitment experience and assisting over two hundred families from around the world, for the last five years ITNZ has developed and strives to achieve even higher levels of service.

The team are passionate about ensuring that migrants receive professional and timely advice and service when making the move to New Zealand.

IITNZ focuses on getting new arrivals in New Zealand settled and enjoying their new lifestyle faster and with less hassle. We have heard stories about being shown houses that do not suit, buying cars from non licensed dealers and having problems, poor quality temporary accommodation and generally feeling of being lost and deserted when you land in your new home town.

It�s only through the success and satisfaction of clients that ITNZ can continue to move forward as both individuals and as a company. That�s why emphasis is placed on forging strong, lasting relationships with everyone from the incredibly diverse client base, regardless of their size or stature.

The internal culture is one of teamwork, clear and open communication. Gaining a complete understanding of a client�s needs and expectations is vitally important. Gone are the days when lawyers sat in chambers and worked within an insular and rarefied world. Through sheer necessity today�s legal representatives are far more open and in touch with the real world � and none more so than the ITNZ team.

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